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You will thrive!

In 2015, Saitama University Faculty of Economics has introduced its new course system based on four majors.

This new structure will help you acquire the basic academic knowledge in our field and develop your general thinking ability. In all four majors, graduation research will be mandatory. You will learn to find problems and solutions yourselves, and you will become able to write about your research convincingly and with clarity. The new system will equip you with skills for your future professional career, includingskills necessary in a globalized environment.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and supporting your studies, so that you can grow into people who can "find problems themselves, analyze them themselves, and solve them themselves", whichis the goal of education at our faculty. We know that you will acquire the abilities necessary to thrive in our competitive global society.

In your first year, you will all study academic skills subjects and introductory subjects. You will also become members of a pre-seminar where face to face exchange with your teacher and your fellow students will support your learning.

At the end of your first year, you will choose a major. Each major offers its compulsory subjects, compulsory elective subjects, seminars, and graduation research. In your seminar and in your graduation research, you will learn to find problems and solve them on your own, and to express your thinking clearly and logically.

You will also systematically study subjects offered in the other majors ? this will be registered as your "minor". In order to develop your global skills, each major has compulsory courses taught in English. In addition, our Japanese Studies courses for all majors are being taught in English. Finally, we recommend our Global Talent Program for students who want to make global skills their main focus.