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Courses Taught in English for Graduate Students
MEcon Program

Students can freely choose 11 courses with 22 credits or more, based on students' research tasks, from among the courses divided into the two-subgroup. Seminars with 8 credits in total are for thesis tutorial and the study of the thesis topic in depth. These seminars are held over the two-year period and compulsory for every student.

 Course Title  Level  Credits 1)
 Japanese and Asian Economy and Society  
  Global Economy  1st–2nd year  2
  Asian Economy  1st–2nd year  2
  Economic Structure of Japan  1st–2nd year  2
  International Trade in Japan and Asia  1st–2nd year  2
  Economic Policy in Asia  1st–2nd year  2
  Advanced Econometrics  1st–2nd year  2
  Financial Theory  1st–2nd year  2
  Public Finance  1st–2nd year  2
  Economic Development in Asia  1st–2nd year  2
  Microcredit and Development  1st–2nd year  2
  Public Policies in Japan and Asia  1st–2nd year  2
  Global Environment in Asia  1st–2nd year  2
  Applied Urban Planning in Asia  1st–2nd year  2
 Japanese and Asian Management  
  Global Business in Japan and Asia   1st–2nd year   2
  Japanese Enterprises in Asia   1st–2nd year   2
  Japanese-style Management   1st–2nd year   
  Production Management in Japan and Asia   1st–2nd year   2
  Human Resource Management in Asia   1st–2nd year   2
  Development of Japanese-style Marketing   1st–2nd year   2
  Diffusion Studies in Asia   1st–2nd year   2
  Advanced Research in Japanese Society   1st–2nd year   2
  Japanese Material Culture   1st–2nd year   2
 Master-degree Thesis Tutorial  
  Seminar I 1st year   2
  Seminar II 1st year   2
  Seminar III 2nd year   2
  Seminar IV 2nd year   2

1) 1credit in the Japanese standard is approximately equivalent to 1.5 to 2 ECTS.