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Department of Japanese and Asian Studies

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Master-degree Thesis
with Two-Years Supervision & Seminar Groups

The MEcon Program will provide the elective courses taught in English. These elective courses are divided into two groups: Japanese and Asian economy and society, and Japanese and Asian management (see the “Course Table”). Students will choose 11 courses with 22 credits or more among the courses in the two groups in the two-year period of Masters education.

The courses within Japanese and Asian economy and society will explore the structure and dynamics of socio-economic development in Japan and Asian countries and consider economic and public policy issues. Indeed, the study and practice of economics today requires much broader considerations than was true in earlier decades, for such inquiry is no longer limited to the study of markets and profitability in trade and in finance. This now extends to such issues as poverty reduction, welfare for laborers, difficulties created by rapid urbanization, and even effects on the global environment.

The courses within Japanese and Asian management focus on Japanese and Asian approaches to management and strategies found among firms within the region. Students will learn about the conditions of individual companies or organizations and the management systems operated inside these, and consider how management systems can be constructed or improved in Japan and Asian countries.

The combination of the elective courses in the two groups is freely decided. Students can choose 11 courses or more based on their thesis theme and research task. The supervisor will advise students on course selection as necessary.

Students also join a seminar group in every semester across the two years, in which their supervisor will guide them on how to complete the Master-degree thesis. These seminars are compulsory. A sub-supervisor will also be assigned for the thesis writing. The appointment of a supervisor/a sub-supervisor will be decided through discussion between students and possible supervisors/sub-supervisors under the coordination and support of the curriculum committee of the MEcon Program. A close relationship with a supervisor and a sub-supervisor, as well as other students belonging to the same seminar group, is a feature of our graduate school.

If students are interested, they can also choose courses from among the following MA Program (Master of Arts Program for Japanese and Asian Culture) set in the same Graduate School. These include such courses as Japanese Material Culture Seminar, Seminar in Modern Japanese History, Governance and Development in Asia and Africa Population Change and Migration in Asia, Contemporary Art & Media in the Asian-Pacific Region, etc. These courses will be useful for developing background knowledge for study of economics and management.